Agenda Courses

Here you will find a list of all the starting dates of current and upcoming courses. If the group you have chosen is full it will be noted below. You will also find a list with upcoming courses if you wish to join one of the next groups instead. You can register for a course here.

Course Dates:

Soort Training:Startdatum:Tijdstip:
Puppy Training Woensdagochtend06-04-202209:30
Adoptie Honden Training Woensdagochtend06-04-202210:30
Puppy Training Zaterdagochtend16-04-202209:30
Puppy Training Zaterdagochtend16-04-202210:30
Jonge Honden Training Zaterdagochtend16-04-202211:30
Adoptie Honden Training Zaterdagochtend16-04-202212:30

Upcoming Dates:

Soort Training:Startdatum:Tijdstip:
Puppy Training Woensdagochtend01-06-202209:30
Adoptie Honden Training Woensdagochtend01-06-202210:30
Puppy Training Zaterdagochtend11-06-202209:30
Puppy Training Zaterdagochtend11-06-202210:30
Jonge Honden Training Zaterdagochtend11-06-202211:30
Adoptie Honden Training Zaterdagochtend11-06-202212:30