Does your dog walk you? Is it impossible to leave your dog at home alone without all the pillows being eaten? Does your dog bark all the time when the doorbell rings? Is your dog preventing you from having company around? Or are you simply looking for dog training that helps you understand, raise and guide your pet? Maybe you just don’t want to train in a group setting and would prefer some one on one attention? Then by all means, continue reading.

My name is Susan van Klink and I am a dog trainer. I focus on training and educating dogs in a friendly, clear and consistent way. My goal is to give all my trainees the tools to be a good leader for their dog.

During the training I offer more than just the basic command such as sit, lie down, stay and loose leash walking. I also offer excercises which will help you better understand and raise your dog. Those excercises include the following and more:

  • How do I raise my dog to be social
  • How do I create the right boundaries for my dog
  • How to teach a dog self control
  • How best to build up my dogs confidence
  • How to better the bond between your dog and you
  • How does a dogs nose work and how to utilize it
  • How do I make sure my dog recieves the correct mental stimulation

During the training there will also be enough time for any questions and advise you may need concerning your dogs behaviour, grooming your dog and day to day life with your dog. And we also include fun sport & play activites during the lessons where we learn to use different attributes to challenge the dogs. All together this makes for a complete dog training that fills the needs of the dog and its owner.

You can contact me for puppy training, adolescent dog training, adoptive dog training and private lessons to tackle unwanted behavior such as excessive barking, pulling on the leash, not being able to stay home alone, car training, insecurity, lack of attention for the owner, general obedience, etc. All training takes place in the comfort of your own home and at agreed outdoor locations. This way you learn to apply all training and behavioral techniques in real time as it is in your daily life.

Please continue on our website for more information about the training we offer, our vision or to register.