Let me introduce myself: My name is Susan van Klink and I have been a dog trainer for quite some time now. My love and passion for dog training started when I met my first dog. By getting to know her and seeing her develop, I was immediately sold. Soon I started taking lectures and courses about dogs and their behavior. Eventually I obtained my diploma to become a dog trainer and I was allowed to teach my own classes. I also continue to educate myself to keep abreast of new developments in dog training.

What interested me most about dogs was their behavior and upbringing. How does a dog develop? Why does a dog behave the way he/she does? How can we make contact with the dog and respond to his/her needs? And with this in mind, I started developing my own way of training.

With great pleasure and attention I guide my students in raising and understanding their dog. To help them enjoy training with their dog, and thus strengthening the bond, is always a priority for me. That is why, in addition to learning the basic commands, I spend a lot of time exploring behavior and play.

During the training you will receive the basic commands, some behavioral education and of course lots of fun with your dog. All of these components are delivered in such a way that it boosts your dog’s confidence, improves the trust and bond between dog and owner, and teaches you how to be a kind yet consistent leader for your dog.

In addition to all training components, all trainees receive sufficient extra information about training their dog. Such as information on crate training, leaving the dog at home alone, understanding your dog’s needs, setting boundaries, communicating with your dog, care and nutrition are all discussed.

So do you have a dog or are you getting a dog soon? And would you like to book a training with Ken Je Hond? Feel free to continue on the website for practical information or register for training now!